Wind Energy Wind Power

Generating Wind Power for Residential, Business, or Farming Use

Wind Power Pays

Over the next 10 years, a typical homeowner or small business will pay $18,000 to over $50,000 in electric bills at rates that often increase faster than the inflation rate. With wind power, you will enjoy keeping more money in your pockets over the next 50 years!

wind turbine from Hudson Valley Wind & Solar will typically provide a rate of return of 10%-90%, much better than traditional investments.

Our knowledge, experience, and quality of our products make us the leader in wind energy. We are the only authorized Bergey Windpower dealer in the Hudson Valley.

Bergey Windpower is the oldest and most experienced manufacturer of residential and small business-sized wind turbines in the world. Thirty years ago, Bergey pioneered the radically simple "Bergey design" that has proven to provide the best reliability, performance, service life, and value of all the hundreds of competitive products that have come and gone in that time.

The best candidates for a wind turbine from Hudson Valley Wind & Solar are those with a residential or commercial property of at least 1 acre and an electric bill averaging over $150 per month. The Hudson Valley is ideal for wind power.

Wind Power Grants

Currently, there are federal programs that can cover up to 25% of the installation costs. Learn more about these wind power grants here.

Bergey Wind Power Turbine

Made in the USA

BWC 10kW

With only three moving parts and no scheduled maintenance necessary, the Bergey 10 kW wind turbine from Hudson Valley Wind & Solar has compiled a service record that no other small wind turbine can match.

Bergey wind power turbines are rugged and reliable and has a proven record around the world. Bergey is the world's leading manufacturer of small wind turbines and combined with the knowledge, experience, and expertise of Hudson Valley Wind & Solar, you have the ultimate in wind power products and service.

BWC 15kW

Advanced Technology - Superior Economics. The Bergey EXCEL 15 is powerful, super efficient, and quiet and ideal for agricultural properties, large rural homes, small business, public facilities, and electric car charging. 

A Wind Turbine Pays!

A Bergey wind turbine from Hudson Valley Wind & Solar is an excellent investment. It will typically provide a rate of return of 6% - 25%, much better than traditional investments. A wind turbine is a smart investment that will lower your monthly expenses, increase your net worth, and help support American manufacturing jobs.

Bergey's wind turbines are built on strong basics:

  • Simplicity: The only moving parts are the parts you see moving.
  • Reliability: Developed in "Tornado Alley", proven in critical military applications, and backed by our exclusive 5-year warranty.
  • Performance: Low start-up (5 mph), continuous operation in high winds, and extremely quiet.

Our Technology Makes It Happen.

  • PowerFlex Blades - Our exclusive "full-length reinforcement" fiberglass blades are stronger than steel and the strongest in the industry.
  • BW-7 Airfoil - Our custom-designed airfoil (blade shape) is quieter and more efficient than the "catalog airfoil" others use.
  • Neo-10 Alternator - Our custom-designed, very-low-speed, "super magnet" alternator also serves as the blade mounting hub, integrating what are typically two separate assemblies.
  • AutoFurl Storm Protection - Our uniquely simple, passive, fully automatic, high wind protection is hurricane proven.
  • Powersync II Inverter - Our custom-designed, third-generation power converter is UL-certified and extremely rugged.

Wind Turbine Towers and Power Inverters

Wind Turbine Towers

The wind turbine tower is an important element of any wind system. Wind speeds increase sharply along with power output the higher the tower, and the Hudson Valley is a prime location for wind power. In the Hudson Valley, the optimal tower heights range from 100 to 140 feet.

Because the height requirements in the Hudson Valley area are so low, the overall footprint of the wind power system is comparatively small.

Pro: Small footprint
Pro: Made in the USA
Pro: Exemplary service record
Con: Higher costs
Available Heights: 18-49 m (60-160 ft)
Compatibility: 10 kW 

Download Excel 10 Self-Supporting Lattice Tower Installation Manual

Pro: Lowers in hurricane or typhoon
Pro: Installs without a crane
Pro: Made in the USA
Con: Higher costs
Available Heights: 18-30m (60-100ft)
Compatibility: 10 kW and 15kW only

Pro: Smallest footprint, no guy wires
Pro: Quick and easy install, with a crane
Pro: Aesthetically pleasing
Con: Higher costs
Available Heights: 18-37 m (60-120 ft)
Compatibility: 10 kW and 15 kW only

Wind Power Inverters

A wind power inverter is an important component of any wind power system. Inverters convert the direct current (DC) supplied by the wind turbine to alternating current (AC). Alternating current is the standard form of electricity in the United States. Our wind turbine power inverters allow a wide range of input voltage with energy-saving, low-speed power mode to allow for smooth operation even at minimal turbine revolutions.

The all-new Powersync II power processor (inverter) is the most advanced in the industry, and it carries a full UL certification to the latest utility standards.

Smart technology allows the inverter to continue to produce the maximum amount of power even during wind gusts that might otherwise cause overvoltage on the grid. This is useful in rural locations during light local loading conditions.

In October 2008, the Excel 10 was upgraded to a more efficient Powersync II inverter. In July 2009, the Excel turbine was upgraded with a more powerful alternator and longer blades. Performance has been improved by an average of 25%.

Download 12 kW Powersync II Manual.

Wind Energy Incentives, Grants, And Credits

Wind energy is the world's fastest-growing energy technology. It is a clean energy source that is reliable, efficient, and reduces the cost of energy for homeowners, farmers, and businesses. Both the New York State and the Federal Government offer substantial financial assistance to help encourage natural energy consumption.

Currently, there are three programs that can cover up to 75% or more of the installation costs. Below are summaries of the programs available to homeowners, farmers, and small businesses.

Do you have the wind at your location? Call us and find out instantly at
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Grant and Credit Applications

Hudson Valley Wind & Solar handles the entire process.

We want you to receive every penny you qualify for, so we fill out the forms, provide the proper documentation, and file and track everything for you. All you need to do is answer a few questions.

Tax credits and rebates make wind power surprisingly affordable.

Small wind turbine equipment and installations qualify for a 26% federal tax credit. Businesses and agricultural institutions can receive additional federal incentives, such as accelerated depreciation, USDA grants, and guaranteed loans. Owning a Bergey wind turbine can surprisingly affordable.

The REAP Grants Program provides grants for renewable energy development, providing funding to agricultural producers and rural small businesses to purchase and install renewable energy systems through wind power and other qualifying renewable resources. For details, please call 518-398-5060.

How much are the grants? The rural development grant is 25% of the total eligible project cost. Who is eligible? The program is designed to assist farmers, ranchers, and rural small businesses. What types of projects are eligible? Renewable energy development assistance will allow agriculture producers and rural small businesses to become more energy efficient and use renewable technologies.

For all projects, the system must be located in a rural area, must be technically feasible, and must be owned by the applicant.

Small wind energy systems qualify for the current 26% Federal Tax Credit.  Call for details - (518) 398-5060.

Additional Information

If you would like additional information about any of the above programs, please give us a call at (518) 398-5060. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.